Carmit is a new community being developed in the heart of Israel’s Negev Desert, just fifteen minutes outside of Be’er Sheva. Carmit is being established through a partnership between the OR Movement, Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael, Jewish National Fund – USA, the Israeli Government, and other philanthropists around the world. Carmit has been planned as a modern, diverse community that will play a central role in redefining the image of Israel’s southern region.

The first neighborhood of Carmit is already well on the way. The groundwork was completed by KKL-JNF, and the infrastructure for the private and public areas are near completion. 350 civilian and 194 military family housing plots have already been sold and delivered. The first 20 pioneering families moved in during the summer of 2016. Over 100 more homes are in advanced construction stages. Upon completion, Carmit will be a community of 2,500 families.

About Carmit

Established: 2010

Location: Northern Negev, 15 minute drive from Be’er Sheva, one hour’s drive from Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

Character: Mix of secular and modern orthodox

Population: Today, Carmit is a partnership of 380 families, 20 of which have already completed construction of their homes, and moved in. The community will grow to 2,500 families, totaling 10,000 residents.

Category: Community town

About: Carmit is a communal town in the northern Negev, adjacent to the forest reserve vineyards. Carmit being built on the intersection of 60 and 31, just 15 minutes from Be’er Sheva and an hour’s drive from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. The community is designed to absorb families from Israel and abroad, to create a quality community based on values, rich culture, active social life, and quality education.

Establishment of the community is through a partnership of JNF Israel, JNF USA, the local council string, Nefesh B’Nefesh, the Jewish Agency, the Ministry of Construction, the Israel Lands Autyhority, the Ministry of Development of the Negev and the Galilee, the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption, OR Movement for the Development of the Negev and Galilee, and various private donors.

Foundation: Carmit was founded in 2010, with the first 50 families to take part in the community. In 2013 the community began the marketing stage, which brought another 150 families to join the community. Today, the community has built the synagogue, and in 2015 the first families are expected to move into their new homes in Carmit.

Community Vision: The Carmit community is built on diversity, combining Israelis, new immigrants, and returning residents; secular and religious – with family as the common denominator of values, striving for social life with rich culture, and a passion for open spaces, nature and tranquility. More than 150 families have already joined the Carmit community, and many new families are preparing to join them. In the future, the community will accommodate more than 2,500 families who will benefit from the quality of life, attractive location, and great community.

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