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Group tours are ideal for congregations or groups of friends who want an inspirational look at the Negev or Galilee’s past, present, and future. Fill in the form below to arrange your own group mission, or find out when you can join one.



For the family that enjoys discovering and learning together, a family mission to the Negev or Galilee is all about parents and children sharing in their love for Israel. Fill in the form below and we’ll help you plan a mission that your whole family will enjoy.



Celebrate your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah with a special mission to the Negev or Galilee, and give your child an Israel experience that they will connect to forever. Visit our special Bar and Bat Mitzvah Mission page to plan your Mitzvah-centered Mission.



Experience the Negev and Galilee from a VIP perspective. We’ll give you a behind-the-scenes look at Israel’s future, while travelling on a mission combined with leisure and prestige.  Fill in the form below and we’ll be right in touch.


Sample Mission Itinerary


Kibbutz Nachal Oz 

The communities located around the Gaza border experience constant danger from Gaza fire. During Operation Protective Edge, these communities suffered from excessive damage and trauma. OR Movement invests much efforts in providing strength and in rebuilding efforts for these communities.

On this tour we’ll learn firsthand what it is like to live in such close proximity to a conflict zone, and what can be done to ensure a future for these important communities. Click here for more on Kibbutz Nachal Oz.


For a long time, Ofakim has been one of the most socially disadvantaged cities in Israel. After being founded by neglected immigrants and experiencing life close to the Gaza border, Ofakim began to suffer from extremely low education and hope.

Today Ofakim is a prime example of a city turning itself around. Through building new neighborhoods, raising education opportunities, beautifying neighborhoods, and more, the town has made itself a new attractive name among young Israelis.

On our stop in Ofakim we’ll learn about strategies for expanding Negev cities.

Givot Bar

On a stormy winter night in January of 2004, fourteen pioneering families moved out to establish a new community in the Negev. What began as a row of portable homes and generators in the middle of nowhere, has turned into an inspiring community of 170 families and growing.

Givot Bar (Hebrew for “Wild Hills”) is expected to house 500 families by the end of the decade. On this visit we’ll witness just what determined pioneers of the 21st century can accomplish. Click here for more on Givot Bar.

Bedouin Hospitality and Camel Farm

The Bedouin are deeply intertwined with the history and future of the Negev. The 21st century has brought both new challenges and opportunities for the Bedouin. On this visit we’ll meet Bedouin pioneers and innovators who are working to raise the quality of life for all Negev Bedouin through education and entrepreneurship.


Carmit is a brand new community established by OR Movement, and home to its first 20 pioneer families, who moved in this past summer. An amazing sight, Carmit is the largest community construction site in Israel. 550 families have purchased homes in the first neighborhood of Carmit, and over 100 homes are in advanced construction stages. Carmit is a model for the development of thriving new communities out of the desert sand. Here we’ll learn what it takes to start a new community, and what it’s like for the very first pioneers living in Carmit. Click here for more on Carmit.


Where it all began. This bolstering and scenic young community was the first to be established by the OR Movement in 1999, after over 15 years in which no new community had been established in the region. Sansana is a religious community that started out as a Seed Group living between four caravan homes. Directly following its establishment, an additional 10 families settled in, and today over 80 families call Sansana home.

The name Sansana comes from the bible, and means the base of the date palm, as is mentioned in the Song of Songs 7:8: “I said, I will climb the base of the palm tree and take hold of its branches.” Click here for more on Sansana.

OR Movement Headquarters

Find out how it all works. Located in the Gateway to the Negev in the Old City of Be’er Sheva, our headquarters is where it all begins. Here we plan and prepare for Israel 2048, and provide our pioneers with all the information they need to make their move. On this visit we’ll meet our Information Representatives who help people relocate to Negev and Galilee communities, and get a peek at the many other behind the scene roles in building up communities.

Negev Visitors Center

Israel’s first museum of the future showcases the Negev and all the opportunities it has to be uncovered. Located in the Gateway to the Negev, the Visitors Center is a hands-on experience, with cutting edge technology, and a dual-panoramic theater. The center has a unique advantage; visitors who wish to relocate to the Negev are able to plan their move and speak with an information consultant to make it practical.

Click here for more on the Negev Visitor Center  or fill out the form below to book.

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