“You have no idea how inspiring was today’s tour! We admired this development effort greatly, even years ago before Aliyah—-and now we get to see it firsthand! We will find a way to help, somehow. Thank you so much.”
Tamsen and Andrew D’Souza.


What a wonderful trip we held with OR seed group Neve Chabad in partnership with Nefesh B’Nefesh Go South program!

English speaking Olim visited the Gateway to the Negev Visitors Center and OR Communities in the Negev last week. They travelled and spoke with different staff members from OR to learn about the process of building a community from start to finish, upcoming opportunities, and what it takes to be a modern pioneer.

They started off in Giv’ot Bar and OR community established in 2004 as an example of a successful final product. Then they went to Carmit to learn about the building stages, and the challenges of making a cohesive community lifestyle. Their final stop was at Shizaf, a temporary camp south of Be’er Sheva, and the start of a new community where the residents are still living in Caravans and going through the process of establishing their community!

For more information about trips like this, check out our missions page.

See the video of the tour here.


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