Bar & Bat Mitzvah Missions

In honor of your Bar or Bat Mitzvah, become a real pioneer.

We’ll take you through the Negev or Galilee for a unique insider’s experience of the authentic pioneer life. Enjoy a meaningful experience customized to your hobbies, and leave your impact on Israel’s future. Your special day will last a lifetime.

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Sasha’s Bar Mitzvah Mission

Sasha chose to mark his Bar Mitzvah with the real pioneer life. Along with family and friends, Sasha spent three days in the Negev, living the authentic pioneer life. The group raved about the mission, and the opportunity to experience a lifestyle they admire. Their favorite moments included picking juicy pomegranates in the desert, helping out on a milk farm, and sandboarding on the Egyptian border.

Sasha’s Orchard Campsite

Right along Israel’s border with Egypt, sits a small agricultural town of highly dedicated pioneers, called Be’er Milka. In recent years, Be’er Milka has become known as a hit destination for desert trekking and sand dune adventures. Now the community is ready to bring it to the next level. In honor of his Bar Mitzvah, Sasha and his family dedicated a new campsite for tourists to stay overnight. The site will be surrounded by an orchard, and include a pergola, bonfire and cooking areas, solar lighting, and restroom facilities 

Sample Bar Mitzvah Mission Itinerary



Sansana is a bolstering and scenic young community, and the first to be established by the OR Movement in 1999, after over 15 years in which no new community had been established in the region. Sansana is a religious community that started out as a Seed Group living between four caravan homes. Directly following its establishment, an additional 10 families settled in, and today over 80 families call Sansana home. Tour their community, see their popular trails, and newly built Park HaLev Bike Park, which is dedicated and named after three heroes who fell while protecting Israel in Operation Protective Edge.

Gateway to the Negev Visitor Center & OR Movement HQ

Tour the Visitors Center & OR Movement headquarters in Be’er Sheva in the Bloomfield Gateway to the Negev. The Visitors Center is a one-stop-shop to bring the opportunities of the Negev to light. The center is an exciting hands-on attraction with innovative technological displays, experiential and interactive activities, and exciting data boards and games from a variety of fields. Visit the OR Movement Headquarters and see where our work takes place, and meet the people on the ground who dedicate their lives to secure the future of Israel.

Sand Boarding

Sand boarding is one sport that requires large areas of desert sand dunes. And Israel has that! Sand surfing in the Negev Desert is the ultimate thrill-seekers experience. Suitable for kids and adults, with toboggan-like boards available for kids, and proper sand boards for adults. Making the most of Israel’s surroundings, this is a great experience for all ages.

Sandboarding on the Be’er Milka sand dunes.

Be’er Milka

Travel through Be’er Milka, an agricultural and tourist community located near the Egyptian border. Established in 2006, Be’er Milka is surrounded by beauty, with seemingly endless desert. Despite the remote location and local challenges, more families are interested in joining this warm close-knit community!

Ben Gurion’s Desert Home & Burial site

Ben Gurion’s Desert Home is a uniquely intimate reflection of Ben-Gurion. Ben-Gurion and his wife Paula resided in the Desert Home from 1953, when they were both accepted as members of Kibbutz Sde Boker. The Desert Home has been preserved to remain as it was upon Ben-Gurion’s passing in 1973. The exhibition rooms surrounding the desert home are designed to expand visitors’ knowledge & deepen their experience, with screening rooms, interactive displays, and memoirs. The graves of David and Paula Ben-Gurion overlook a breathtaking view of the Tsin canyon and the Avdat highlands in the heart of the Negev.

A wild ibex roaming the Ramon crater. Photo: Andrew Shiva

Jeep Tour of The Ramon Crater (Makhtesh Ramon)

The Ramon Crater in Israel’s Negev Desert is the world’s largest erosion crater, or makhtesh – a landform unique to Israel’s Negev and Egypt’s Sinai deserts’. Today the crater and surrounding area forms Israel’s largest national park, the Ramon Nature Reserve. During the jeep tour take an exciting peek at the rare and shy creatures that inhabit the area with 40 species of small desert creatures, as well as snakes, rodents, porcupines, lizards, scorpions and turtles.


Get as close as you can to outer space in a way which is only possible in the dark desert night. Just around sunset, our “star man” will set up the gear, adjust the telescope’s lens and brew the tea over the campfire. When you get to the spot everything will be ready for your stargazing experience in Mitzpe Ramon.

The Masada fortress from above, with the Dead Sea in the background. Photo: Andrew Shiva.


Masada is one of the greatest archaeological sites in Israel and, perhaps, across the world. Masada is not only important because it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site or an ancient fortress occupying a breath-taking strategic location high on a flat plateau above the Dead Sea, but because of its symbolic importance as a symbol of determination and heroism which continues to this day with many Israeli soldiers sworn in here. Its dramatic ascent can now be made by cable-car, but the drama and imagery that this site portrays is no less powerful than it ever was.

Dead Sea

The lowest place on the face of earth, the Dead Sea (431m below sea level) brings together breath-taking natural beauty, compelling ancient history and modern mineral spas that soothe and pamper every fibre of your body. Surrounded by jagged bluffs of the Judean Desert, enjoy floating in the cobalt-blue waters of the Dead Sea, heavy with salt and oily with minerals.

Bike Outing

Take a journey around the Dead Sea area, cycling through magnificent scenery, rich desert colors, mountains, valleys, and caves. Contingent on weather conditions.

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