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2015 Annual Report

Our partners have made a powerful impact on the Negev and Galilee.

For our 2015 annual report, we wanted to show our partners just how much we accomplished together. So we put a full sized map in our Annual Report. Look through and you’ll see where we touched lives, grew communities, and created futures.


Please send the lovely people of the OR Movement our deep appreciation and love for all of their hard work. We in Sansana strive to instill values in the children, adults, and infants that live in our community. We invest a lot of time and resources into it. Only sometimes, like this weekend when I played with my children in the park and playground, we stop and think for a minute about the cup itself, rater than what is inside the cup. I thought about every pathway, building, and tree, that without them we wouldn’t have where to instill those values.
Shai Melamed, Sansana Community Member



Thank You