OR Movement finances fall into two categories; Programs and Projects.


Program Budget

Our Program Budget totals an annual budget of between 1-3 million USD, depending on the resource development of that year. It is primarily used for the strengthening of existing communities; the establishment of new communities; guidance and establishment of pioneering groups; running our information center; creating awareness; relocation campaigns; and the like.


Project Budget

Our Project Budget reaches an annual budget of between 2-5 million USD for aid and completion of public infrastructure for the needs of various communities. These projects are chosen for the impact that they will have on the population growth of Negev & Galilee communities, and are usually community centers; public parks; synagogues; and early education centers.


Accelerating the Implementation of Government Funding

Outside of our OR Movement organizational budget, we make it a priority to be aware of factions in the state budget which are allocated to the Negev and Galilee. We push for the implementation of these budgets, which are often frozen due to inattention or bureaucratic delay. These budgets may be for the development of infrastructure in Bedouin cities; construction of day care centers in various communities; marketing of the Negev and Galilee; branding budgets for cities; and so on.


Revenue and Expenses of 2015


Annual Report 2015

Our 2015 Annual Report comes with a full map of Israel, where you can see our actions in each location. Click on the image below to read: