For the first time in Israel’s history, we are able to prepare in advance for expected population growth.

We Need to Think Long-Term

Creating a strong and sustainable Israel will happen through strategic and long-term thinking. In a world that chases instant results, we’re working with a vision for Israel’s 100th birthday, in 2048.

In 2048, Israel’s population will be double today’s. We will be 16,000,000 strong.

We studied surveys and forecasts from the Central Bureau of Statistics, National Outline Plan 35, Center for Research and Information, as well as academic research on the issues of Israeli population, and programs of various agencies in the field. Our experts gathered and fed the data into a map, creating a Geographic Information System, displaying what Israel’s predicted population dispersal will look like in 2048. The result was an over-crowded center of Israel; one of the most dense populations in the world.

Using our new GIS, our strategy team created a new map: our desired population dispersal. This map creates a more healthy and sustainable Israel, while maintaining most of the natural assets and land for future generations.

Israel’s Population Distribution


Population: 8,200,000




Population: 16,000,000




Population: 16,000,000



Our 2048 Goal

Avoid crisis, by creating infrastructure and quality of life in the Negev and Galilee for at least 40% of Israel’s population.

Our 2048 Strategy

Creation of a national program for 2048, featuring two mega metropolitan areas in the Negev and Galilee respectively.

Action Items

Centers for Israel 2048

Creating the strategic plans for the creation of population centers in the Negev & Galilee.

Economic Development

Development of various economic clusters in the Negev & Galilee, in order to create employment opportunities in matching strategic locations.

Policy Initiatives

Direct work with Israeli officials and community leaders to direct development priority where needed.