September 27, 2018

Join Cindy and David Sofer for an insider view of life in the Negev. Come and experience Israel and the Negev that most tourists never get a chance to see.

The Negev covers well over 50% of the country’s land area, the Negev is the hidden gem of Israel, filled with inspiring communities, and wondrous sites. We will journey through the Negev visiting Gaza Border communities, taking a glimpse into life as a pioneer in a strategic community. We will also visit one of the eight communities that OR Movement established and learn about the process of what it takes to build up the Negev. Finally, we will head over to our interactive, state-of-the-art Gateway to the Negev Visitors Center, and explore the fascinating past, impressive present, and inspiring future of the Negev. Here, we will tour our Headquarters as well, and we will speak about our vision for the 100th anniversary of the State of Israel in 2048, and how we are strategically planning to change the face of Israel for the next generations.

The tour will include travel, food, drinks, and more.