Our World Leadership Council is made up of visionary leaders and partners who provide expert counselling and advice to the OR Movement leadership. Council members receive weekly and quarterly reports on OR Movement progress. Our World Leadership Council is a valuable pillar of support in every step we take.


Martin Abramson
Martin AbramsonIsrael
Harry Bloomfield
Harry BloomfieldMontreal
Scott Book
Scott BookNew Jersey
Samuel Delug
Samuel DelugCalifornia
Wendy Fisher
Wendy FisherNew York
Martin Franklin
Martin FranklinFlorida
Doron Livnat
Doron LivnatIsrael
Ishaia Gol
Ishaia GolNew York
Jeremy Halpern
Jeremy HalpernNew Jersey
Drorit Wertheim
Drorit WertheimIsrael
Victoria Hearst
Victoria HearstColorado
David Morris
David MorrisLondon
Edmond Safra
Edmond SafraNew Jersey
Raya Strauss Ben-Dror
Raya Strauss Ben-DrorIsrael
Jeff Swartz
Jeff SwartzMassachusetts
Robert Wiener
Robert WienerNew York
Archie Gottesman and Gary Debode
Archie Gottesman and Gary DebodeNew Jersey